Top 9 Dance Forms of Jharkhand

The myriad dance forms of Jharkhand represent its booming culture and diversity. The various folk/ tribal dances are usually performed during the harvest season, festivals and social gatherings. Some folk and tribal dances in Jharkhand are Jhumair, Mardana Jhumair, Janani Jhumair, Domkach, Lahasua, Jhumta, Fagua, Paika, Chhau, and Sant. Men in Jharkhand perform wearing feminine costumes and further represent the ethos and emotions of their traditions and heritage.

Vibrant Dance Forms Of Jharkhand

Given below are some stupendous dance forms of Jharkhand. Scroll through and know more!

1. Chhau Dance
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This is one famous dance form of Jharkhand which is mainly performed during the night in any open space, field or ground. The dancers perform this particular dance only after taking a bath, for the dance form depicts various Gods. The dancers surround the dancing area with “mashaals”, in order to lighten up the space. However, the same has been replaced with electric lights in some parts now. The dancers also wear huge colorful masks, called chhau masks. The dance is generally in the form of a Nritya Natika or dance drama. Use of instruments like Nagara drums, flute, etc are a common show, representing myths and stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata.

2. Paika

This famous dance form of Jharkhand is generally performed by the Munda community. The dance form inculcates the combination of  martial arts with dance steps. Seemingly, the dance steps indicate the preparation of a war. The dancers wear headgear and safety chest plates with bells on their anklets in order to protect themselves. They also wear colorful robes and carry a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. Again, musical instruments like the Nagara drums, Dhak, Shehnai, Narsingha and Bheir are a common sight. Paika is generally performed to welcome guests during important functions.

3. Barao

This dance is performed by the Oraon community generally in the month of Baisakh (April – May) in an Akhada or performing area. This dance is performed in order to ask Mother Earth for a good rainfall, and thus, a thriving harvest.

4. Jhenana Jhumur
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This dance form of Jharkhand is performed by the women of the Nagpuri and Santhal communities during various festivals and ocassions, especially during the harvest season.

5. Mardani Jhumur
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A semi martial art form performed by the men of the Nagpuri and Southern tribes, Mardani Jhumur as a tribal dance uses musical instruments like Dhol, Nagara, Shenai, Kartal and Jhanj. Not to mention that female dancers known as Nachnis also join this dance along with the men.

6. Jhitka And Danga

This dance form of Jharkhand too witnesses the combined performance of both men and women. Seemingly, the headgear and costume worn are similar to those of the Paika dance. Celebrating different feudal traditions, this dance performance expresses joy and happiness.

7. Lahasuya

This dance is performed as a call for rain during the times of drought, asking the rain God to shower some blessings. It is accompanied by the madol or tumdak, the double sided barrel drum.

8. Domkach

This dance form of Jharkhand is traditionally performed by the women in the bridegroom’s house when the ‘baraat’ party has gone to the bride’s house. The dance is performed to lighten the mood by using humor, while moving in circles.

9. Ghora Naach

This dance is performed by men during wedding ceremonies wearing loose horse puppets around their waists. Use of instruments is a common sight too.

Learning about various cultures is a treat indeed, more when reading about various dance forms that represent a culture’s traditions and history. Let us know what do you think about these vibrant dance forms of Jharkhand in the comments down below.